Heather Roy è la nuova presidente della Social Platform

L’assemblea annuale della Social Platform, riunita il 25 aprile scorso a Bruxelles, ha eletto Heather Roy come presidente della più grande piattaforma delle ONG sociali in Europa. Roy succede a Conny Reuter, attuale segretario generale di Solidar. Eletti anche i nuovi organismi direttivi…Di seguito, il comunicato stampa della Social Platform dello scorso 25 aprile.Following Social Platform’s Annual General Assembly, representatives of the 45 members elected Heather Roy as President of the largest European platform of social NGOs in Europe. A new management committee was also elected for the next two years taking effect from April 25.
Heather Roy replaces Mr Conny Reuter who has stepped down after serving the maximum term as President.
Said Ms Roy, “I’m excited to have the opportunity to serve as Social Platform President and to both capture and represent the voice of people through the contribution of members – who work with, and for, the citizens of Europe every day. I look forward to working collectively with all 47 members in guiding the political and strategic goals of Social Platform in an inclusive and ambitious way”.
Heather has many years of experience working with the Platform having served as Vice President for the previous 2 years and another 2 years as a management committee member. She also Chaired the working group on Social Policy. Heather has represented the Platform at various levels including in several informal EPSCO Councils, the European Council, the European Parliament, and the European Commission.
“Externally our environment is possibly the most challenging in years. The democratic deficit apparent in economic governance is creating greater fragmentation and disengagement in our societies, giving rise to increasingly complex exclusion, discrimination and withdrawal from traditional forms of participation. It is more important than ever for Social Platform to represent the voice of the social sector and to engage with EU political actors on behalf of citizens and its members.” said Heather Roy.
“As President of Social Platform whose mandate comes to an end after three terms I leave it now to my successor to lead the Platform in these turbulent times. I was proud to have the trust and mandate of the members and as a representative of Solidar I will stay involved and work with Social Platform for securing a more social Europe” Mr. Conny Reuter, Secretary General, Solidar.
The new Management Committee will comprise of:
President Heather RoyVice President Claire RoumetVice President Rodolfo CattaniTreasurer Michel MercadiéMember Jana HainsworthMember Barbara HelfferichMember Brigitte Triems

Heather Roy è la nuova presidente della Social Platform
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